1. Management staff
      Office of the Director
      Account department
      Economic planning department
      Personnel department
      Work safety service and safety department
      Administrative office

2. Research subdivisions:
    Laboratory№ 19 «Laboratory of problems of development and efficient use of 
                                of underground space»
                                Head of lab. - Konukhin V. P., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 20 «Laboratory of geoecotechnologies»
                                 Head of lab. - Mesyats S. P.
    Laboratory№ 22 «Laboratory of complex development and economics of mineral resources»
                               Head of lab. - Lukichev S. V., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory№ 24 «Laboratory of technological processes of mineral recovery»
                                Head of lab.- Kozyrev S. A., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 25 «Laboratory of applied system modeling of mineral operations»
                                 Head of lab. - Churkin O. E., Ph.D. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 26 «Laboratory of geomechanics»
                                 Head of lab. – Kozyrev A. A., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 27 «Laboratory of oil and gas fields exploration geodynamics»
                                 Head of lab. - Kalashnik A. I., Ph.D. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 28 «Laboratory of theory and technology for underground construction»
                                 Head of lab. - Epimakhov Yu. A., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 29 «Laboratory of flotation reagents and complex mineral processing»
                                 Head of lab. Ivanova V. A., Ph.D. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 31 «Laboratory of non-ferrous and rare metal ore preparation and mineral processing»  Head of lab. - Tereshchenko S.V., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)
    Laboratory № 32 «Laboratory of new technological processes and devices»
                                 Head of lab. - Skorokhodov V. F., Dr. Sci. (Eng.)

3. Research and engineering subdivisions:
    Engineering Center (№ 36)
    Head of division Shkribeev M. V.
    3.1. Pilot testing and designing Sector (36.1)
    3.2. Mineralogy Sector(36.2)
    3.3. Sector of chemical-analytical study(36.3)
    3.4. Technological Sector (pilot plant) (36.4)

4. Research-auxiliary subdivisions:
    Information department
    Department of international relations

5. Marketing department