The monograph “Ecology of underground nuclear energy facilities under cryolithic area conditions” by N.N.Melnikov, P.V.Amosov, N.V.Novozhilova and S.G.Klimin has been published. Edition data: Yaroslavl: JSC Printhouse – Yaroslavl, 2015. – 119 p. 

     Proceedings of the 6th Conference of young scientists “Geotechnology and mineral dressing” have been published. Edition data: Apatity: KSC RAS, 2015. – 100 p.  

    The Proceedings contain reports of young researchers on actual challenges in increasing efficient and safe mining industry, improvement of dressing technologies, automation of solving mining technological tasks and questions of modeling and studying of rock properties.
    The book can be of interest for scientists and researchers in mining.  

     The monograph “Optimization method for placing regulators in mine ventilation network” by S.A. Kozyrev, A.Osintseva, and P.V. Amosov has been published. Edition data: Germany: LAP LAMBERT, 2015. – 136 p.

     The Council of Young Scientists of the Mining Institute KSC RAS organizes the 7th conference of Young Scientists under the 5th International Conference “Mining industry of the Barents Euro-Arctic region: Looking into the future”, 18-20 November, 2015, Apatity, Russia.

     The monograph “Numerical modeling of processes of underground hydrosphere pollution on the example of a module containing hazardous waste” by N.N. Melnikov, P.V. Amosov, and N.V. Novozhilova has been published. Edition data: Germany: LAP LAMBERT, 2014. – 120 p. 

    II All-Russian scientific conference with international speakers invited “Deep open-pit mining” to be held by the Mining Institute KSC RAS, October 12-15, 2015, Apatity, Russia.
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     The monograph on  “Developing environmental and geodynamical safety related to mine closure in the Barents region”. “Umbozero” mine by V.В.Konukhin, A.A.Kozyrev, A.O.Orlov, Yu.G.Smirnov, U. Väisänen, K. J. Pietikäinen, J. Kupila, L. Alakangas has been published. Edition data: Apatity: KSC RAS, 2014.- 192 p. 

     The monograph on “Numerical modeling of tailings’ dusting processes” by P.Amosov, A.Baklanov, O.Rigina has been published. Edition data: Germany: LAP LAMBERT, 2014. – 109 p.  

     The VI Young Scientist School with international specialists invited “Geotechnology and mineral dressing” was held in the Mining Institute under the umbrella of the IV International Conference “Mining Industry in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: View to the Future” on November 19-20, 2014.The delegation of 43 specialists, postgraduates, and students from the Freiberg Mining Academy and Saint-Petersburg National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) took part there and made the reports and presentations.    

    Proceedings of All-Russian Scientific Conference with international speakers invited “Ecological strategy of mining industry - formation of the new worldview in natural resources development” have been publicized. Edition data: Apatity, SPb – V.1., 400 p.
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