The monograph on “Economically sustainable development of perspective deposits” by Melnikov N.N., Busyrev V.M., Churkin O.E. has been published. Edition data: Germany: LAP LAMBERT, 2014. -80 p.

The authors consider degree of use of mineral reserves, legal relations in subsurface use area, possible providing of balance of interests between the State and subsoil users taking into account cost of consumed mineral reserves. Such approach is considered to be necessary when designing mines and solving an issue of economically sustainable development of perspective deposits. The methods are proposed of determination of costs on implementation of projects on development of new deposits under inflation conditions. The assessment and substantiation are given of effective project decisions on the objective economic base and taking into account value of consumed reserves and inflation impact. The information is given on perspective mineral resources in the Kola Peninsula and case studies of how to use the methods mentioned above to solve subsoil problems. The book is intended to specialists of scientific and project institutions, mining faculties, scientific-and-technical researchers of mining industry and the Russian Technical Supervision Service.