The monograph on “Numerical modeling of tailings’ dusting processes” by P.Amosov, A.Baklanov, O.Rigina has been published. Edition data: Germany: LAP LAMBERT, 2014. – 109 p.  

Such mining-induced objects as tailings are a source of intensive environmental impact. Dust in air can be carried over many tens of kilometers and pollute atmosphere, water, soil and plants. The authors propose a complex approach to provide for a quantitative environmental impact assessment. The approach consists in applying mathematical models for calculating atmosphere dustiness occurring due to the tailings dusting surface. Heterogeneous velocity field and increase of the tailing height affect a lot on dusting intensity and its distribution in the atmosphere. Therefore, to calculate velocity of flows streamlining a damp the authors use 3D equations of turbulent atmosphere aerodynamics. The models designed were used as a basis to study influence of height and geometrical shape of the tailing on change of air flows above dusting surfaces. They were also applied when designing the tailing for the forecast assessment of probable dust concentration in the air basin under unfavorable meteorological conditions.